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Puppy Sitting Pretty It’s day 21 and very cool out over here at Crystal and Comp today! Like what you see here? Look spooky and glamorous this Halloween with costumes like these. The only thing more darling than these costumes are the children wearing them! Add the dried flowers and eggshells for more interest. Add a little basket of goodies for Grandma and this Little Red Riding Hood will be on her way! Description this is the dress and cape only (no basket). Then, sorry for the lack of a close up but I sewed 2 pieces of grosgrain ribbon to the cape, right at the sides, where the hood meets the cape. This is a light and fun role playing scenario that you can take in whichever direction you feel is right. Planning your kiddos costume should be fun and different. This is a sew costume and the tutorial I found is for a girls size 6, but you could always scale it down for a smaller size or a larger size if needed.

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Today I have found a Little Red Riding Hood costume. I found this tutorial over at Make It- Love It and I just LOVE this little corset vest! Head on over here to see the full tutorial of this Little Red Riding Hood costume. Life cannot be without shopping online,which saves you time and send you convenience.evil little red riding hood costume for the slate blue themed wedding can be purchased from the top wedding boutiques and online stores. In the original fairy tale, Little Red is clearly the victim; she’s a helpless little girl who falls prey to a devious wolf. The Big Bad Wolf costume involved a little more work, but came together better than I had envisioned.

But watch out for the wolf! Cut out a long curved piece of your plastic canvas, that has a curve at the top that matches the bill of the hat. He will freak out continuously until he gets it off. Kids will have a grand time visiting your house if they find that instead of the usual mom and dad, they would be seeing Wonderwoman and Spiderman together at the front door. Chances are you probably do, and if you don’t, you probably have some sort of animal print clothing in your wardrobe. NOW ARE YOU READY FOR THE BEST PART? My grand daughter has been wanting a little Red Riding hood cape for a while now.

The red hood and cape is precious. Are you loving this Little Red Riding Hood as much as I am? It’s just that yummy little grin…….gets me every time! But what better way to spend your time looking for DIY Halloween Costumes? Looking for smart ways to get more from life? You can simply style this costume tee with jeans and sneakers, you can even remove the cape to tone down even more. She is a girl who got her name because of the red hooded cloak or cape that she wears when goes to her grandmother’s house to bring her some food.

I am a mom of two boys, 9 and 4, and a little girl who is 5. I am married to one of Crystal’s brothers- James. If you love vintage style, the Morton Salt Girl costume is right up your alley. Then cut two slits in the fur hood, right where the ears would slide through. If you don’t already have short hair, part your longer locks on the side and then pull them back into a low bun to mimic the look. What fun you all have had with this! This is a fun one! This can be a really fun one if you both commit to the characters.

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