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The dress zips in the back, versus her last dress which was a pull on, so she needs a little help getting it on and off. Then, if you don’t think your subject will keep their hat on, you can create a velcro strap to fit under their chin. Sexy, lacey bras and panties are great, but can become common-place. 1. Little Red Riding Hood Costume – Halloween costumes are not really limited by age. Disguising himself as grandma by wearing granny’s nightgown and cap, the wolf intends to pretend to be the grandmother until he has Little Red in his clutches.

On Halloween 2008, Little Red Riding Hood costumes are just going to be scarier! This costume can be paired with Little Red Riding Hood to make a great couples costume. When I saw the Little Red Riding Hood costume, I wanted to be it, but I didn’t have a red cape. Little Red Riding Hood walked through the woods to her Grandmother’s house and came across The big Bad Wolf in her Grandmother’s Bed. For a costume look that embodies one of the most beloved tales of all time, check out our amazing collection of Little Red Riding Hood Gear!

This awesome collection of Little Red Riding Hood costumes range from sweet to sexy. On the other hand, it is about “Little Red Riding Hood”. For Halloween this year, my daughter wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood. This is my Little red ridinghood and big bad wolf illusion costume. As scary as it may be, the story of Little Red Riding Hood has some great characters that also make fabulous Halloween costumes. I certainly needed one for my little Chloe! At one end of the chain, I kept the chain clasp on and attached that to one side of the glasses.

After you make your way all the way around the circle, leave a little elastic tail at this end as well and then cut off the extra. Encountering her grisly end with the Big Bad Wolf might deter some people from dressing as Little Red Riding Hood. You could both go as people from the era you’re interested in, such as the civil war or World War 2. A battlefield soldier and a war time nurse make great couple costumes. Patient and Nurse. Another fun classic allowing you to play up your nurturing instincts and take care of him in more ways than one.

Whether going trick-or-treating with the kids or dancing the night away at a Monster Mash, make this Halloween a memorable one as you pair up and dress up as your favorite duo. According to historical accounts, Halloween is a religious celebration in honor of the gods of the pagan world. Halloween comes once a year and children really look forward to it. In your search for the perfect Halloween costume- take a closer look at an old original. Your circle may need to be bigger or smaller, depending on your subject’s head…..but this size worked well for my semi-large headed 19 month old child. In fact, there are costumes for young and old alike and one example of these is the little red riding hood costume. My boyfriend and I decided to make a Homemade Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf Couple Costume for Halloween.

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