little red riding hood woodsman costume

You can DIY your look by hot gluing some colorful poms on a white tee and colored jeans. Instead of using a traditional clown costume, put together a look that is scarily chic using a few layers of Victorian frills and a couple of statement poms. In fact, we put this whole group costume together using items from Buffalo Exchange Tempe. We put this version together at Buffalo Exchange San Francisco (Haight St) with a clown suit, clown makeup and, OF COURSE, an ominous red balloon! Or he could, of course, pop the pants over his trousers! But once I saw how tight they were, I got over it.

A gorgeous version of a classic kids’ Halloween costume, you’ll get the bodice, tulle skirt and hat. To create a ringmaster look, you’ll need a top hat and a whip. Top the outfit off with heels, a signature red balloon and some creepy teardrop eye makeup. Find a red tuxedo-style blazer and layer it on top of a black bodysuit or else wear a long-sleeved red top under a black vest for a similar effect. Club collar Bankers shirt Blue White stripes Gents White collar Easy Iron Penny, Men’s One-Piece Bodysuit Leotard Wrestling Singlet Jumpsuit Mesh Comfy Underwear. Instant carnival attraction. For the mime, you’ll need striped everything, a beret, white gloves and suspenders. For this look, all you need is white on white on white, a few stick-on mustaches/goatees and a pair of shades. For the rest of the costume, simply stick to a black, white and red color scheme.

For the base of this costume, styled by Buffalo Exchange Santa Monica, start with a white tank top, a black wrap-around scarf, black skinnies and black or brown boots. We are absolutely loving this couture take on Pennywise the Clown, styled by Buffalo Exchange Brooklyn (Williamsburg). If more of your friends want to hop on board the circus wagon, add a muscle man, a clown, a fortune teller, an elephant or a monkey. Ever wanted to run off and join the circus? For two, because we can definitely put them together at the last minute with items we already own. You can pretty much find all the pieces you need secondhand. If you can’t find a traditional clown costume or don’t want to purchase one, no worries.

The fabric that I found looks more like a teddy bear but I couldn’t find a straight haired fur. The key components of this look are a swingin’ 60s dress (we found this one at Buffalo Exchange Tucson), knee socks and heavy, heavy eyeliner. If you don’t already have short hair, part your longer locks on the side and then pull them back into a low bun to mimic the look. It’s a classic look, and one that you definitely want to try to pull off this upcoming Halloween. Disney’s classic film is always a popular family costume idea and this Peter Pan costume will get you started.

Do not forget the classic “day” costumes too – Medieval Princesses, Princes, Kings, Queens, Valiant Knights or just plain commoners will do just as well, as not everyone has to play the villain. Have fun choosing a glittery tiara and wearing it all day long. We used a brown overcoat and some fun slippers to complete this look! Then, add several brown belts and wrap a studded belt around your thigh. For the lion, all you really need is some face paint for the nose, a lion’s mane (the hood of a parka works well or you can DIY your own) and lots of beige and brown.

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