little red riding hood costume diy adults

5 Belle Available to buy here! Beautiful Belle my personal favorite princess, she embraces the lovely look of the Victorian era France with cute little rosebuds and rich yellow satin with inlaid roses. A striking yet traditional Little Red Riding Hood costume. Accessories are also important, so don’t forget your little basket…or wolf mask, if you decide to be the one scaring Little Red Riding Hood. Little Red Riding Hood is just a children’s tale, right? Sainsbury’s is offering David Walliams’ Gangsta Granny and Mr Stink costumes and Argos is also offering half-price costumes for Matilda, Little Red Riding Hood, Fantastic Mr Fox and the Cat in the Hat.

Or, you could just have an entire family of little minions. If your family loves superheroes, and more specifically Batman, gothic little red riding hood costume this is the perfect family themed costume. Fairy Tale costumes are perfect for your bundle of joy! Dog – Dog costumes look cute on kids. You and your dog do everything together: You go to the park; you commiserate at the end of each long day; and you even snuggle up in the same bed at night. All you need is a blue jumper, some hair gel for Tintin’s famous quiff and if you’ve got a white stuffed dog to be Snowy, even better.

The only props you will need for JK Rowling’s famous creation are glasses – or raid mum’s make-up bag and draw some on with and eye pencil. All they need is scruffy clothes and a handmade golden ticket. Check out this easy and fun Wolf Tail Tutorial! The Deluxe costume artfully incorporates tiny dragon wings, a tail and dragon ears. Of course, the crocodile also announces his presence with the sound of a ticking clock, but we don’t recommend making this part of your costume. When your kid is participating in a fancy dress competition, it is good to pick a celebrity or a famous personality costume for points.

You can pick from the most popular themes like animals, food, technology, superheroes, cartoon characters, and famous people. Many little girls will have a much-loved princess outfit and can choose their favourite fairytale character to go to school as. If you haven’t had time to make an outfit, you can visit your local supermarket to buy a ready-made outfit. Let your kids take a jolly holiday from their usual school uniform with this smart Mary Poppins outfit. However, considering you are working on the costume with your kid, we suggest you start with simple things like a witch’s uniform or the cloak of little Red Riding Hood.

This is simple. Just put them in a white T-shirt, black shorts and team it with a black rucksack. Find a little doll to be Sophie for them to put in their hand or shirt pocket. Just put your daughter in a blue dress, with a red ribbon in her hair and give her a pile of books to carry. Maybe you have an old eye mask from an aeroplane they can use – if so, cut holes into it so they can see and give them a swag bag for a number one thief. You can also purchase it online from multiple different retailers if you feel like you’re not up for the challenge.

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